Closely-Guarded Scholarships & Admissions "Secrets"
The inside scoop that cuts through the noise and clutter of websites, dubious advice from guidance counselors and other parents on how to get into - and pay "wholesale" prices for - the best colleges in the country...even if your kid didn't crush the SAT, cure a deadly disease last summer and you think We can't possibly qualify for anything!
Here's What You'll Discover Inside How To Pay "Wholesale" For College
Strategies that ANY family can use to obtain five figure tuition discounts:

● How to slash college costs by 46.3% even if you earn a six-figure (or more) income

● Which types of savings accounts penalize you in the financial aid formulas more than others, and which types of savings are "loopholes" that don't hurt you at all

● How to negotiate with a college after a lowball offer...even if you don't possess compromising photos of the dean

● The strange, counter-intuitive reason why an expensive, high sticker price private college can actually cost less out of pocket than a "cheaper" state university

● More!

Pearl and Andy Lockwood
Pearl and Andy Lockwood specialize in helping "Forgotten Middle Class" families multiply their chances of admission and slash the cost of college by 46.3% or more by qualifying for scholarships, grants or implementing other innovative (yes, legal!) funding strategies. They host live workshops and webinars weekly, produce the  College Success For Less Podcast, publish the College Success For Less Report monthly magazine and own Lockwood College Consulting in Syosset, New York. 
Nicole is at her dream school, got her Presidential Scholarship - $25K! Thank you for all your help.  I always recommend you to my friends. You and your team played a great role during that painful process.  Thank god it's over lol!
- Elina Kazakevich, Staten Island NY
I know a lot of college planners who promise results but don't deliver.  In your case,  I got real results.
- Dr. Dennis O'Hara
Principal, Oyster Bay High School
We used Andy for the applications and essays. The whole thing was overwhelming, don''t try this on your own!  We will be back with our younger daughter.
- Joe Iannone
Owner, Avellino's Pizzeria
Garden City, NY
I don't know where to begin. Our financial aid packages are just now starting to come in and each one is better than the next. Just today Boston University gave is $40,000. 
Thank you Andy! You made this process so easy and, dare I say, downright helped us afford our kids' dream schools. 
Thank goodness you know all the loopholes!  

Very truly yours, -Stephanie and Rob SalzbankPort Washington, NY
I needed someone to bounce ideas off of for the essays.  I knew my English teachers could not help me.  Thank you!
- Julia P
Brown University